Choose XProtect® add-on software to gain extra functionality and create a complete surveillance software solution

XProtect® LPR

License plate recognition


XProtect® LPR is license plate recognition software that reads license plate information from vehicles and links the license plate information with video. As a fully integrated part of the XProtect® Smart Client, XProtect LPR has a wide set of application areas, including access control, theft prevention, loyalty programs, toll road and border control. Advanced matching logic makes it possible to compare recognized number plates with pre-defined lists and initiate automated actions, such as opening a gate, thus increasing work productivity.

XProtect® Retail

Transaction analysis


XProtect Retail is an investigation tool for performing advanced transaction data analysis. It helps retailers optimize store operations and increase profit by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage.

Based on transaction data from point-of-sale (POS) systems or automated teller machines (ATMs) typically gathered in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs), XProtect Retail links data with corresponding video from relevant cameras. Advanced search options, full video documentation and a set of pre-defined performance indicators make it easy to maintain a complete overview of store operations, cash registers/tills and employees so retailers can protect the entire business and customers.

XProtect® Screen Recorder

Monitor computers

XProtect Screen Recorder is a function that enables Milestone video management software (VMS) to inconspicuously capture screen recordings of any Microsoft® Windows-based PC or point-of-sale (POS) terminal. XProtect Screen Recorder is easily installed on computers that you want to monitor and recordings are fully synchronized with other video data.

Captured screen recordings are managed in the same way as video camera data in the software. Camera recordings can be viewed in live and playback mode and exported for evidence

XProtect® Smart Wall

Advanced video wall

XProtect Smart Wall is an advanced add-on video wall product that improves response time by displaying all the video data in your installation and giving a complete overview of large surveillance centers. Fully integrated with XProtect® Smart Client, you can easily create presets defining view layout and content for each XProtect Smart Wall.

Operators can focus on the most critical matters and coordinate response activities because multiple users can be shown the same view.

XProtect® Access Control Module

Manage access

Uniting access control and video

XProtect Access Control Module unites access control and video into one powerful security solution. Extending the capabilities of the Milestone Integration Platform (MIP), XProtect Access Control Module enables easy integration of third-party access control solutions into XProtect® Smart Client. It gives users a consolidated interface to operate access control systems. Dedicated functions in XProtect Smart Client enable users to effectively monitor access events, manually control passages and conduct investigations on specific access points or cardholders.

XProtect Access Control Module is not an access control system, but a video-centric user interface that makes the most commonly used access control functions available to XProtect Smart Client users. It is a way to take advantage of Milestone’s video management software and market-leading third-party access control systems. A plug-in integration framework allows access control vendors to easily integrate their access control systems with Milestone software to create a powerful and unified solution.

XProtect® Transact

Verify transactions

Whether your challenge is shrinkage, fraud or simply providing a safe shopping environment, XProtect Transact will help you identify problems involving point-of-sale (POS) systems and automated teller machines (ATMs).

By providing a time synchronized interface linking receipt data together with corresponding video, it is easy to monitor transactions. XProtect Transact provides users with valuable evidence that can be easily exported for use in legal disputes or distributed to public authorities. It enables you to solve a multitude of problems facing your store operations.

XProtect® Plug-ins

Connect joysticks

XProtect Input Unit Plug-ins

XProtect Input Unit Plug-ins integrate a range of input units, such as keypads, jog dials and joysticks, which are used as a single point of operation for XProtect® Smart Client. XProtect Input Unit Plug-ins are ready to use because they have a default configuration when installed. However, the functionality is flexible and can be reconfigured to perform a wide range of actions such as switching views, performing pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) operations, navigating in playback timelines and triggering outputs.

XProtect Input Unit Plug-in settings are stored within XProtect Smart Client configuration. The plug-in supports both global configuration as well as individual user configuration so you can customize the plug-in functionality for different users.

XProtect Input Unit Plug-ins are compatible with XProtect Smart Client 6 and higher.

XProtect® Utilities

System maintenance

Free Software Manager component

Developed by Milestone, Software Manager provides users with a centralized way of installing, uninstalling and upgrading large-scale, multi-server Milestone installations. With intuitive wizard-based management, users can simply and quickly deploy and upgrade Milestone software from a single application. Tasks in the Software Manager are executed through Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) or similar technologies.

Software Manager, which is free to use, consists of three main components:

• Package Repository of installers and configuration files
• Software Manager application
• Servers being managed

The Package Repository and Software Manager application can be located on the same computer, and there is no need to install any additional components on the Recording Servers being managed.

The Software Manager works with, and can install or upgrade, the following products/components and newer versions: XProtect® Corporate 4.0b Recording Servers, XProtect® Expert 2013 Recording Servers, XProtect® Enterprise 8.1, XProtect® Professional 8.1, XProtect® Express 2013, XProtect® Essential 2013, XProtect® Smart Client 6.0d, Device Pack 6.1 and Milestone Husky™ M30 and M50.

The Software Manager can uninstall the following XProtect products and newer versions: XProtect Corporate 5 Recording Servers, XProtect® Expert 2013 Recording Servers, XProtect Enterprise 8.1, XProtect Professional 8.1, XProtect Express 2013, XProtect Essential 2013, XProtect Smart Client 7.0b and Milestone Husky™ M30 and Milestone Husky™ M50.

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