IR Mini Dome Network Camera (CAM 31IR)

The IR mini Dome camera is compact and non obtrusive. Yet boasts features like 1.3MP – 3MP HD and up to 10 m built in Infra Red Illumination. With IP66 Outdoor Rating.

(Not Available in TVI).

3MP Fixed Lens IR Turret Network Camera (CAM 34IR)

The IR Turret camera provides a powerful 30m Infra red illuminator. The seporation from the camera and IR allow for greater distances without the bleed through into the camera lens. Full 3MP ultra HD and IP 66 outdoor rated. This camera provides an amazing image day or night and is well concealed under awnings.

IR Fixed Dome Camera (CAM 37IR)

The IR Fixed Dome Camera is of vandal-proof design. 3MP and infra red illuminated. Similar to the 34 with more resistance to vandalism and a common camera design.

Vandal IR Network Dome Camera (CAM 39IR)

The Vandal IR Network Dome Camera is a Veri Focal 3MP infra red illuminated Camera. Providing additional alarm conditions for Tampering and Cable Disconnect make this a very secure and tough camera. Veri-Focal allows for adjustment of viewing angle from 30.5 degrees to 98 degrees.


IR Bullet Network Camera (CAM 73IR)

With Approximately 50M of IR Illumination this camera is designed for distance viewing at night. full 3MP High Resolution and a 70 degree viewing angle. Neat and compact design. Similar with the CAM 34IR the seporate camera and IR Lenses eliminate the IR bleed into the lens.

IR Tube Network Camera (CAM 78IR)

The IR Tube Network Camera is an amazing outdoor camera with huge viewing angle adjustment from 31.2 degrees to 105.2 degrees even at 3MP. Boasting 30M of Infra Red Illumination and IP66 Outdoor rating.

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