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Videofied the wireless video verification security solution

videofied internal motion viewerIn the event of an Alarm, the wide-angle camera records videofied Outdoor motion viewera video clip. This video is then sent on to the monitoring station. The monitoring operators can watch the video from the alarm in real time, verifying true activation’s against false alarms. The monitoring station then calls the police or requested response action. An amazing video security product.

Videofied XL and XLL Control systems

Videofied XL Alarm Panel Videofied XLL Alarm Panelhave a stylish modern design for your home. As a complete wireless solution installation can be quite simple and cost effective. As the system communicates over a GPRS sim card, there is no requirement for phone lines.

Videofied XT and XV Control systems

Videofied XV XVIP Panels Videofied XT XIP PanelsThese 2 models are designed with business in mind. Providing the ability to interface with most systems available on the market today.

The XT panels can be used as a stand-alone system or can provide a video upgrade to an existing alarm system

The XV panels are a complete system combining all the elements with alarm, video and audio verification.

Videofied XTO system

Videofied XTO Control PanelThe XTO is a weatherproof, Wireless, Battery operated alarm and video outdoor system. Designed to protect outdoor areas such as construction sites, vacant buildings, vehicle lots etc. This control panel is designed to be moved about freely as the project or requirements change. A great Portable alarm solution.

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  • All systems comply with Australian Standards
  • Up to 3 years warranty