Interlogix Tecom Challenger

Interlogix Tecom Challenger Integrated Security Platform

Interlogix Tecom Challenger keypad

The Interlogix Tecom Challenger control panel is a commercial/industrial access control security alarm system.

Interlogix Challenger Panel Security Diagram

With the ability to expand to include access control and increased security capacity.

Interlogix Challenger Panel Input Output Expansion

The Challenger system can handle almost any cards and readers. Keypads can also be used to open doors or control elevators.

Interlogix Access Control

Interlogix Tecom Challenger Software

With the Interlogix software packages TITAN (Tecom Integrated Total Alarm Network), Forcefield, or Security Commander. This system is completely adaptable to your specific requirements. From a single access control site to multiple operating sites managed by one computer. Forcefield or security commander allow for integration of GE CCTV. Move Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras to specific locations on card badge. The sky’s the limit. Interlogix Software

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