Introducing ProtegeGX

ICT believe the key to great software is doing all the hard thinking up-front so you don’t have to. There’s no better example of this theory in action than the all-new ProtegeGX package. It’s an enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion detection, and building automation solution with a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to extend.

The modular design and scalable licensing model makes ProtegeGX suitable for everyone – from small single door systems right through to large multi-national corporations. 32 bit microprocessor based highly integrated system controllers and optional expandable modules provide a feature packed adaptive system.

> Client server architecture with online, event monitoring and control functions

> Intuitive and user friendly interface with graphical floor plans and highly customizable status pages for controlling and monitoring the system

> Rich report generation with extensive customization and filter design

> Customizable alarm and event filters to sort and categorize the event and alarm data that is displayed

> Integrates with a wide range of third party systems to maximize infrastructure and IT investments already available on site and add value to existing technology

> High performance SQL Server® database engine

Total Integration Solution

A fundamental part of Integrated Control Technology’s corporate philosophy is focused on the ability to integrate. This approach allows our products to maximize infrastructure and IT investments already available on site and add value to existing technology. An impressive array of integrated third party systems shows our long term commitment to our customer’s solution requirements.

Camera System Integration

Building Control and Automation

Building Management Systems

Intercom Integration

ProtegeGX: Faster, smarter, stronger.

Our Guarantee

  • We install only reputable, quality equipment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Systems designed to suit specific requirements
  • All systems comply with Australian Standards
  • Up to 3 years warranty