A streamlined approach

Integrated Control Technology is a world leading manufacturer of innovative and superior integrated electronic access control and security solutions. Our team is diverse enough to handle any query, but close-knit enough to ensure the right hand always communicates with the left. Our clients’ problems are never passed from pillar to post, or lost in a sea of bureaucracy. We apply the same targeted approach to our technology design, which allows us to really understand our clients’ unique needs and offer innovative solutions like Open Technology. This gives clients access to their own data at all times by integrating with their existing infrastructure, whatever that may be, making for cost-effective and efficient implementation and operation.

The ultimate self defence mechanism

ICT® is all about keeping clients’ people, property, operations and information safe. Our clients are able to maximize their existing IT and infrastructure investments by seamlessly integrating a full suite of security management functions and technologies using our flagship product, ICT®Protege®

Cutting to the chase

So if you’re looking for security solutions that really get to the point, choose a company with a more streamlined strategy of attack.

Our Guarantee

  • We install only reputable, quality equipment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Systems designed to suit specific requirements
  • All systems comply with Australian Standards
  • Up to 3 years warranty