WinDSX is a powerful access control and system monitoring application that harnesses the power of the Windows XP,Vista, and 7 Professional™ operating systems. WinDSX combines point monitoring and access control with Photo ID Badging, Time and Attendance, Alarm Graphics, DVR/NVR Integration, Elevator Control, Alarm Email/Text Message Notification, Threat Level Management, HazMat / Emergency Lockdown, and FIPS/TWIC card compatibility. WinDSX can support your access control needs from a single PC or multi-user Local Area Network to an enterprise solution with SQL Server as the database engine. The system utilizes network communications to provide user interaction and real time monitoring to the workstation PC’s located anywhere on the Network. Password protection allows
for operator specific capabilities at each workstation.

The DSX Platform is a great platform for integration into personelle management applications. i.e. mining drug and alcohol testing software. If they haven’t completed the relevent testing, by the specified time, the system automatically declines access to the site.

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