Access Alarms specialises in the installation and servicing of every kind of security system. Our product range include intercoms, ranging from simple audio and video intercoms for a small home to a network set up for large apartment blocks.

With a reliable intercom, you’ll be able to improve your security by:

  • Screening visitors to your front door from any room
  • Communicating with other family members and guests
  • Monitoring your children’s safety while they’re asleep

Commercial Intercom Installations

Communication in offices and industrial settings is becoming more critical for keeping up productivity. To satisfy that need, we’re proud to deliver a reliable, high-quality intercom system at an excellent price.

Access Alarms installs a variety of intercoms, ranging from simple audio or video intercoms for a small business to customised systems for large businesses and factories. We can fit any intercom system in any type of commercial property, whether it’s a retail outlet, a private office or a factory gate.

By installing an audio-visual intercom at the main entrance of your office or factory, you can monitor client and employee access. With such a product, you’ll have total control over who can access the premises and safeguard your company’s assets and confidentiality.

Trusted Brands and Qualified Service

To bring you the most reliable and top-selling security products, we only use and recommend trusted brands like:

  • Aiphone® AX Series
  • Kocom® Intercom System
  • BPT® Audio and Video Entry Kits

At Access Alarms, we only use licensed and experienced technicians to handle our intercom installations. Please contact us today to speak with one of our technicians about getting the best choice of intercom for your property at the best price.

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Our Guarantee

  • We install only reputable, quality equipment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Systems designed to suit specific requirements
  • All systems comply with Australian Standards
  • Up to 3 years warranty