How Does Intercom Installation Work?

When you choose Access Alarms to install your intercom system in Brisbane, you choose a company that possesses years of experience and excellent customer service. We undertake a very thorough process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the intercom system and our installation.

What Are Your Specific Requirements?

We’ll take the time to sit down and discuss your individual requirements. Do you want an intercom system for your home, an apartment complex, or a commercial building? How much technology do you require? What expectations do you have about intercom systems? Do you plan to include your intercom system in an integrated access control system?

Access Alarms installs a variety of intercom systems for many different customers. We can install simple audio or video systems for homes or more complex, customised systems for apartment buildings, large businesses, government buildings or factories.

We want to make sure we have all of the information before we begin designing you a personalised intercom system.

Choose Your Products

During our consultation, we ask all the important questions so we can determine the best products for your building and your circumstances.

Access Alarms is an independent security provider, so we aren’t limited at all in the products we select for you. We offer the best range on the market at competitive prices, whether you want a simple audio system or a video intercom system.

It is important to understand why you want an intercom system. Is your main goal to screen visitors securely from a remote location before opening the door? Maybe you want to communicate with other family members in different rooms of the house or keep an eye on sleeping children?

We offer a range of the most trusted brands, including:

  • Aiphone® AX Series
  • Kocom® Intercom System
  • BPT® Audio and Video Entry Kits

With the help of our security experts, we guarantee that we will be able to determine the perfect intercom system and install it professionally at an excellent price.

Installation by the Experts

Our technicians are trained, licensed and insured to perform intercom installations on your property. Once we have agreed on the right intercom system for you, we will perform a professional and thorough installation. All of our products and installations come with a 3-year warranty. You can rest assured that even after the installation, Access Alarms will still be there to assist you with any potential problems.

Our customer service and professional intercom installations are second to none in Brisbane. Don’t believe us? Just read what our customers have to say .

CTA: Access Alarms is the most reputable and trusted security provider in Brisbane and our unique installation service sets us apart. For more information, request an online quote today.

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