Security Licensing

Working in the security industry

Security Licensing is required by any person and corporation that engages in onsite Security services.

Each license is specific to that individual or Companies Role. There are specific categories for Security Equipment Installer and/or Adviser, Crowd Controller etc.

Security Provider Licences (which are issued only to individuals) are issued under two classes:

Class 1 (manpower)

• Bodyguard
• Private investigator
• Crowd controller
• Security officer (cash in transit)
• Security officer (unarmed)
• Security officer (monitoring)
• Security officer (dog patrol)

Class 2 (technical)
• Security adviser
• Security equipment installer
Regulator: Office of Fair Trading

All Individuals obtaining a security license are required to undergo police fingerprinting, Full criminal history checks and be a member of a registered security industry Association.

There are quite substantial implications for non conformance to this.

Checking a license is easy Click here to search the register

Unlicensed work

Unlicensed security work is against the law . The following penalties apply.

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