• Is a camera system better then an alarm system?

    Prevention in most cases is better then a cure. For your home, an alarm system can prove much more beneficial. For the following reasons:-

    For Home

    – An alarm system is much more cost effective than a Camera system. Most cheaper camera systems are not going to give you any image worth while for identification purposes.

    – A camera system does nothing to drive an intruder out. So if they don’t see the camera there is no deterrent.

    – An alarm system can’t be obscured or covered by an intruder

    – An alarm system can alert someone within seconds of an intrusion into your home. Where-as a camera system is reliant on you watching the footage back and knowing that the intrusion has taken place.

    – Nothing to indicate to your neighbors that anything untoward is occurring.

    For Business

    There are a lot more reasons camera systems can be a reliable tool for business’. There are reasons such as

    – public safety

    – workplace health and Safety (WH&S)

    – Monitoring traffic flow

    – Monitoring a production line

    – Keeping an eye on unattended machinery

    – Monitoring staff movements

    – Cash changing hands

    – Shrinkage management

    – Vehicle/Asset Tracking

    and many more.

    In our experience it is very rare a business camera system will be utilized to watch an intrusion. More for any of the above factors. We aren’t saying that they aren’t used for this application. It’s just more for the above reasons. Most business’ also utilize an alarm system.