• Choosing the Perfect Access Control System for Your Home or Business

    Owning a home or running a business comes with many different challenges. One of these is deciding the best way to control everything, from security to electricity usage. If you’re looking for the perfect all-in-one solution, you’ll have to choose the right access control system for your home or business.

    Access Alarms offers customers a unique service in Brisbane. We provide some of the best access control systems made by the most trusted brands and we also help you decide which system is best for you based on your individual needs.

    Here are some factors that will help you decide on the best access control system for you.

    Understand What Access Control Systems Do

    Before you start shopping, it’s important to understand exactly what you can expect from an access control system.

    Access control systems can be as simple or as complex as your needs and budget allow. These systems provide you with integrated access to the different aspects of your home or business. They can control your alarm and security systems, provide access to buildings or rooms, track all movements, and control your lighting, thermostat and more.

    Decide What You Want Out of Your System

    You need to ask yourself what you want to get out of your system. This will help you decide which system will make the most sense to install.

    If you are installing a system in your home, you might want to remotely control things like automated door locking, turning on and off the air conditioning, or turning off lights that have been left on. You may also want your access control system to be integrated with your security cameras so you can monitor your home from a Smartphone while you’re away. This function also allows you to see who is approaching your house from a remote location.

    If you are installing an access control system for your business, you might want to keep track of which employees can access different areas. Do you have some areas or job sites that are “off limits”? Perhaps you want your system to double as employee time card verification. Maybe you want vendors to be able to gain access to the building without being buzzed in.

    Once you decide on these factors, you’ll be able to determine if you want gates that automatically open during normal business hours. Alternatively, they can be fitted with access keypads, with each user possessing an individual access code that can be tracked.

    What Are Your Security Needs?

    You need to establish what level of security you want to achieve both now and in the future, for either your home or your business. You can ask a reputable company like Access Alarms to assist you. We can make industry-savvy observations and recommend the best security systems for you.

    Think about the location of your entrances and exits, the physical features of the building, any potential vulnerability, what your hours of operation are, and the number of people who will enter the building every day.

    Room to Grow

    Even if you plan to start your system small, you should make sure you choose products that are flexible and can be expanded. That way, it will be easy to upgrade and add extra components in the future.

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  • Why You Should Get a Professional Camera System

    Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, it is important to protect your assets. There are many different ways to upgrade your residential or commercial security systems. One great way is to consider installing a professional camera system .

    Access Alarms is the preferred security provider in Brisbane. Our product range is unrivalled and offered at competitive prices. We are the experts in security services and we know the importance of professional camera systems. Read on to learn why you should have a camera system installed.

    Deter Crime

    One of the main reasons to install security cameras in your home or business is to help deter crime. Many would-be thieves and intruders will think twice about attempting criminal activity on your property if they see a professional camera system installed.

    Criminals often perform their mischievous acts because they think they can get away with them. Finding a camera staring them in the face to record their identity and illegal activity means that getting away with the crime is much less likely, and they know that. Having security cameras around your property makes your home and business much less of a target.

    Monitor Activity

    Installing a camera system in your workplace isn’t only helpful to catch a thief. You can also use it to monitor workplace activity.

    Are you worried that your employees aren’t being as punctual and productive as they say they are? Camera systems allow you to monitor how your employees behave when you’re not around so you can truly separate the good employees from the bad.

    At home, you can use a professional camera system to monitor everything from suspicious activity to what your teens are up to while you’re away on holiday. You can buy hidden cameras or mountable ones to suit your needs.

    Keep an Eye on Children

    A comprehensive security camera system will be able to give you views of your family from remote locations. This could be useful if you work a lot or you just want to monitor young children while they sleep. You even have the option of connecting the stream to your Smartphone, so you can keep an eye out wherever you are.

    Gather Evidence

    The need to gather evidence often occurs in the workplace. This is especially common if an incident occurs and you need to monitor the actions or words of people during an event. Most modern security cameras have high definition video capabilities and audio, so you can easily have recordings that can be called upon to settle a work dispute or handle a legal scenario. In the event of a crime or a missing person, the authorities will be able to call upon the video footage for evidence.

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  • How Does Intercom Installation Work?

    When you choose Access Alarms to install your intercom system in Brisbane, you choose a company that possesses years of experience and excellent customer service. We undertake a very thorough process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the intercom system and our installation.

    What Are Your Specific Requirements?

    We’ll take the time to sit down and discuss your individual requirements. Do you want an intercom system for your home, an apartment complex, or a commercial building? How much technology do you require? What expectations do you have about intercom systems? Do you plan to include your intercom system in an integrated access control system?

    Access Alarms installs a variety of intercom systems for many different customers. We can install simple audio or video systems for homes or more complex, customised systems for apartment buildings, large businesses, government buildings or factories.

    We want to make sure we have all of the information before we begin designing you a personalised intercom system.

    Choose Your Products

    During our consultation, we ask all the important questions so we can determine the best products for your building and your circumstances.

    Access Alarms is an independent security provider, so we aren’t limited at all in the products we select for you. We offer the best range on the market at competitive prices, whether you want a simple audio system or a video intercom system.

    It is important to understand why you want an intercom system. Is your main goal to screen visitors securely from a remote location before opening the door? Maybe you want to communicate with other family members in different rooms of the house or keep an eye on sleeping children?

    We offer a range of the most trusted brands, including:

    • Aiphone® AX Series
    • Kocom® Intercom System
    • BPT® Audio and Video Entry Kits

    With the help of our security experts, we guarantee that we will be able to determine the perfect intercom system and install it professionally at an excellent price.

    Installation by the Experts

    Our technicians are trained, licensed and insured to perform intercom installations on your property. Once we have agreed on the right intercom system for you, we will perform a professional and thorough installation. All of our products and installations come with a 3-year warranty. You can rest assured that even after the installation, Access Alarms will still be there to assist you with any potential problems.

    Our customer service and professional intercom installations are second to none in Brisbane. Don’t believe us? Just read what our customers have to say .

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  • 5 Reasons to Get a Home Security Alarm System

    As a homeowner, you should be considering the different steps that you can take to keep your home safe from intruders. Sometimes, making sure the hedges under your windows are trimmed and installing a heavy-duty lock on your front door just doesn’t cut it. If you’re thinking about stepping up your security game, consider going for a home security alarm system.

    Home security alarm systems are made up of security alarms and access control and can help keep your home safe.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing in a home security alarm system.

    1. Protect Your Home and Valuables

    The most obvious benefit is also the reason why most people choose to install alarm systems – they are proven protectors of your home and valuables.

    Home invasions happen and home security alarm systems can do a lot more than just scare off would-be intruders. Depending on the type of system you have installed, the alarm could also notify the local authorities in the event of a break in.

    1. Make Your Home Less of a Target

    A burglar is likely to case your property out before attempting a break in. Thieves like to work quickly and with as few obstacles as possible. If a possible intruder sees that you have an alarm system in place, they are far less likely to attempt to break into your home. In addition, you could be helping make your neighbourhood safer. Studies show that when security systems increase in an area, the number of residential robberies decreases.

    1. Access Control to Home

    With access control systems in place, you can remotely monitor what goes on in your home. Access control will integrate with your camera or alarm system and it can also control other aspects of your home, like your lights or air conditioning.

    1. Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

    Your insurance company likes to know that you are taking steps to keep your home safe. A security system may seem like an expensive investment but having the system installed in your home can actually lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20 per cent.

    1. General Home Safety

    One great benefit of having a home security alarm system is that you can choose to receive notifications about smoke or carbon monoxide alarms when you’re away from home.

    In addition, you can trust that you’ll be able to watch over your children if you’re out of the home. If you set up your security system with cameras , you’ll feel much safer knowing that you can always check up on the kids. You can make sure that your teenaged kids aren’t throwing parties or you can remotely unlock the door when your younger children get home from school.

    Choose an Expert Provider

    Interested in fitting out your home with an integrated residential security system? Access Alarms is an independent security provider in Brisbane. With the best products, years of experience, and residential security experts, you can rely on us to make your home safer.

    Get in touch with Access Alarms in Brisbane for a quote

  • Why Choose Access Alarms?

    Whether you want to make your home safer or you’re a large organisation that needs to protect your entities, Access Alarms is the best provider of security systems in Brisbane. We are an independent provider, which means we are free to choose from a range of the highest quality products from various suppliers. We guarantee that we can meet every customer’s needs.

    Experts in Security

    We are a fully licensed and insured security provider and everyone on our team has years of experience working with security systems. Our company Director, Elliot Burgoyne, has not only worked in the security industry for nearly two decades, but he has a serious passion for electronics.

    Elliot possesses many different qualifications, including Certificate II in Telecommunications and Certificate III in Electrical Engineering. He has also completed a course for Microsoft Certified Engineering. Elliot brings these skills to every member of the team and into every security system that our company installs.

    Great Customer Service

    Along with our expertise comes some of the best customer service in Brisbane. From design to installation to aftercare and follow-up, our team is there for you. We make sure to delve deep into our customers’ needs and lifestyles so that we can provide you with the best customised security solution for you.

    Our team can set up any type of security system, from residential to commercial security systems in Brisbane. We combine the best of our product range to create a customised solution that will keep any home or business safe and secure.

    A Range of Products and Services

    Our security solutions don’t just stop with alarm systems . We offer a broad range of the most reliable security products on the market. These products combine to provide you with a comprehensive security system. All of our products are sold at competitive prices and are designed to suit your specific requirements. Our systems comply with Australian standards and we offer up to 3 years warranty on all of our equipment.

    The products that we offer and install include:

    We Do the Monitoring for You

    From alarms to cameras, each of our installations is performed by a licensed and experienced technician. Once we have installed your system to your satisfaction, we can monitor it for you through the Grade A1 Security Monitoring Centre.

    Our monitoring accounts are incredibly affordable. For just 88c per day, Access Alarms will have your back. In addition, we offer flexible rent options for our customers. Most of our system installations run at as little as $14 per week for 24 months.

    CTA: Access Alarms is an independent security provider in Brisbane that provides comprehensive and competitively priced systems for residences, government groups and companies around.

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  • Security Licensing

    Working in the security industry

    Security Licensing is required by any person and corporation that engages in onsite Security services.

    Each license is specific to that individual or Companies Role. There are specific categories for Security Equipment Installer and/or Adviser, Crowd Controller etc.

    Security Provider Licences (which are issued only to individuals) are issued under two classes:

    Class 1 (manpower)

    • Bodyguard
    • Private investigator
    • Crowd controller
    • Security officer (cash in transit)
    • Security officer (unarmed)
    • Security officer (monitoring)
    • Security officer (dog patrol)

    Class 2 (technical)
    • Security adviser
    • Security equipment installer
    Regulator: Office of Fair Trading

    All Individuals obtaining a security license are required to undergo police fingerprinting, Full criminal history checks and be a member of a registered security industry Association.

    There are quite substantial implications for non conformance to this.

    Checking a license is easy Click here to search the register

    Unlicensed work

    Unlicensed security work is against the law . The following penalties apply.

  • Is a camera system better then an alarm system?

    Prevention in most cases is better then a cure. For your home, an alarm system can prove much more beneficial. For the following reasons:-

    For Home

    – An alarm system is much more cost effective than a Camera system. Most cheaper camera systems are not going to give you any image worth while for identification purposes.

    – A camera system does nothing to drive an intruder out. So if they don’t see the camera there is no deterrent.

    – An alarm system can’t be obscured or covered by an intruder

    – An alarm system can alert someone within seconds of an intrusion into your home. Where-as a camera system is reliant on you watching the footage back and knowing that the intrusion has taken place.

    – Nothing to indicate to your neighbors that anything untoward is occurring.

    For Business

    There are a lot more reasons camera systems can be a reliable tool for business’. There are reasons such as

    – public safety

    – workplace health and Safety (WH&S)

    – Monitoring traffic flow

    – Monitoring a production line

    – Keeping an eye on unattended machinery

    – Monitoring staff movements

    – Cash changing hands

    – Shrinkage management

    – Vehicle/Asset Tracking

    and many more.

    In our experience it is very rare a business camera system will be utilized to watch an intrusion. More for any of the above factors. We aren’t saying that they aren’t used for this application. It’s just more for the above reasons. Most business’ also utilize an alarm system.